It is often difficult for our aging loved ones to accept that it’s time to consider care management. As humans, we all value our independence, and it is common to feel threatened, worried, or even scared when we are first learning that we can no longer do everything on our own. Here are some tips to help your elderly family member accept that aging care management is necessary and understand that they are not losing their independence.

Gently Approach The Topic

When considering any serious conversation with an aging loved one, it is essential to remember that timing is everything. It’s a normal human reaction to wait until an older loved one has fallen, been hurt, or accidentally skipped medication to bring up the fact that they need help.

However, immediately after an occurrence like this, they are likely to be embarrassed and upset. This usually causes them to close their minds to your suggestions for a short time because they are internally focused. Therefore, it is better to have a conversation about care management when you are just sitting, talking, and enjoying each other’s company. This way, there are no elevated emotions present when the idea is first brought to the table.

Explain The Necessity of Care Management

Many elderly family members are still in control of their mental faculties when care management is being considered. Therefore, it can be helpful for you to simply explain your thought process and the benefits that come with high-quality care management. Additionally, you should welcome their feedback and ensure they understand that you value their opinion and simply want what’s best for them!

Avoiding Rushing Them Into Making A Decision

Nobody likes to be rushed into a major life decision, and that dislike gets worse, if anything, as we age. Your responsibility as their family member is to give them time and space to think about your suggestion. Furthermore, this can help them begin to accept that this is the best path forward.

Once you and your elderly loved one are on the same page and ready to move forward, we strongly encourage you to consider CJ & Associates Care Consulting for your aging care management needs! Our customizable care management plans allow you to decide exactly what you want help with and what you would like to continue doing on your own. We have a wealth of experience backed by a proven track record of excellent customer service and care. Contact CJ & Associates Care Consulting to learn more about what we can do to help meet your aging care needs.