Catherine Jonas CMC LMFT President

Catherine Jonas, CMC, LMFT

Catherine Jonas, a Certified Geriatric Case Manager, Certified Dementia Practitioner and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist has been highly regarded as an expert in the field of aging, disability and end of life care for over 20 years. Her mission is to preserve independence, dignity and quality of life for people as they age and enable family members to feel confident that their loved ones are living safe, secure and fulfilling lives.

Her dedicated professional experience includes guidance, advocacy and extensive knowledge about costs, quality and availability of resources. She is driven by an earnest passion for her clients and their families, the desire to provide practical answers and options during times of uncertainty and to reduce worry, stress and time off from work for family members who may be juggling multiple responsibilities.

Catherine is known for her expertise in Major Neurocognitive Disorders (different forms of Dementia) and has many years in working with individuals with Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, Cancer and other chronic illnesses. As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Catherine is trained and experienced working with all individuals from different cultural backgrounds and knows how the whole family system is affected (patient and family/caregiver) and how each other’s coping mechanisms interact.

Caregiver counseling is a large part of her Certified Geriatric Case Manager work, teaching coping strategies and self-care. Her office is located in West Los Angeles, however, most of her services are conducted in the patient’s home or residential community. She is an expert in helping those families navigate the aging process in regard to coordinating home care, placement options, medical, legal, financial, real estate and end of life care issues (Advanced Directives/POLST).

Catherine works as an independent contractor with the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Program at UCLA. She provides caregiver counseling services to families as well as facilitates several dementia support groups. Catherine also serves as an independent contractor at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center facilitating a monthly pituitary tumor support group and providing onsite crisis management to hospital employees. She speaks nationally and internationally on the topics of chronic illness and caregiver stress.

Lizeth Barrios MS Lead Geriatric Case Manager

Lizeth Barrios, MS
Lead Geriatric Case Manager
Certified Dementia Practitioner

Lizeth Barrios is a Lead Geriatric Case Manager with CJ & Associates Care Consulting, a Certified Dementia Practitioner, and is bilingual in both Spanish and English. Lizeth graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s University with a M.S., in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. She graduated from California State University, Northridge with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Anthropology. Lizeth enjoys being a part of a diverse community and is a member of ALCA.

Her education in Anthropology and Marriage and Family Therapy, makes her culturally knowledgeable, skilled in dealing with diverse communities, and aware of the effects that different cultural backgrounds can have on the family dynamic especially with families living with dementia.

Through her family’s personal experience and witnessing her grandmother battle Dementia without any professional guidance, Lizeth has grown a special interest in assisting client’s and their families with issues related to memory loss. She aspires to continue her professional growth by enhancing support and care to client’s, families and caregivers affected by all types of dementia.

She is a caring individual who is passionate and eager to help her client’s and their families find the silver lining during times of misgivings. Lizeth believes in a person-centered approach when creating her clients care plans. This enables her to ensure and promote their quality of life while advocating and serving as a liaison for the family.

Kesha Stanton Geriatric Case Manager

Kesha Stanton, CDP
Geriatric Case Manager

Kesha Stanton is a Geriatric Case Manager with CJ & Associates Care Consulting. Kesha has over 8 years of case management experience working with seniors with dementia and helping their families navigate the road ahead. She currently works part time in an assisted living on a dementia unit where she is responsible for overseeing safety, security, and care of those clients. Upon hiring Kesha, we as a firm learned her ability to establish rapport and trust with her clients as well as their families was making her a star employee.

Kesha began her career working with seniors in local community programs. Kesha also has had personal experience within her own family. Kesha took care of her great grandmother and grandmother overseeing and managing their medications as well as transporting them to all of their medical appointments.

With years of training and experience, both professionally and personally, Kesha has found her purpose in life.

Kesha has an Associate’s Degree in Sociology from El Camino College. She is graduating next year with a Bachelor’s in Social Work at California State University Dominguez Hills. After graduating, her intention is to attend USC to receive her master’s in social work.
She is proud to be part of the CJ & Associates Care Consulting team. It is her belief she must champion quality of life for all her clients: preserving dignity, celebrating individuality, enabling freedom of choice, encouraging independence, and involving family. Her core values are: passion, joy in service, stewardship, respect, and trust.

Rian Bush Lead Office Administrator

Rian Bush
Office Manager

Rian Bush joined CJ & Associates Care Consulting over 3 years ago as the Lead Office Administrator.

Rian has over 15 years of experience in administration and project management. She has a B.A. in Economics from California State University of Fullerton. She prides herself in her problem-solving skills, communication, planning and organization, adaptability, teamwork, process improvement and developing standards.

Rian has experience working in several industries. While in college, she worked in the technological industry where she developed training programs for new software. Her first job out of college was in the construction industry where she gained experience in project management and onsite coordination. She has experience in opening restaurants where she developed training programs for new hired employees. She has developed procedure manuals for construction companies, retail stores and restaurants.

Her mission at CJ & Associates Care Consulting is to ensure that our Geriatric Case Managers have all the tools, resources and support they need, so they can coordinate the best care and support for you and your loved one.

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