We all feel most comfortable in our own homes. It’s where all our creature comforts are, a place we’ve arranged specifically for ourselves. We want to be able to come back to our own homes at the end of the day, every day. But for many seniors, aging comes with obstacles that threaten their ability to live in their own home. There are nursing homes and senior living situations where the elderly can live out their twilight years, but for some, it simply doesn’t compare to living at home. Have a senior loved one interested in aging in place? Here’s our guide for what you can do to make that happen.

Know What You Need For Aging in Place To Be Practical

The truth is aging in place doesn’t work for everyone, so before you start to change your home to suit aging in place, it’s important to know if aging in place would even make sense for your loved one. Do they have friends, family, or neighbors nearby that you can rely on for support when you need it? If you are the primary caregiver, do you live nearby or do you have access to a network of caregivers who can help? Would your home require major and extensive remodeling in order to be made more accessible? Be honest about the situation and whether aging in place is the right call before deciding.

Organize and Rearrange The Living Space To Suit Their Lifestyle

Seniors might not be able to reach the highest shelf the way they could with a little trouble before. If they have mobility aids like a walker or a wheelchair, they might need wider walkways through the home. It’s a simple fact of life that as we age, we lose some of the strength we had in our youth. Seniors may not be able to rearrange their home every few months, but with help from relatives or neighbors, they can set your home up now in a way that’s more convenient for the long-term.

Figure Out Your Transportation Situation

Is your loved one still able to drive safely? While it may wound the pride if the answer is no, much like the first point, it’s important to be honest about your ability here. Most seniors need some form of transportation in order to get to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, as well as being able to visit friends and family and do the things they enjoy. If they’re not able to drive, look into transportation options available in your area or figure out a plan to offer them a ride or run errands for them.

Aging in place is the dream for many seniors, and with the right support, it might be possible. CJ & Associates Care Consulting offers an assessment that can evaluate the living situation, help caregivers come up with a plan of care, and we even offer counseling for seniors. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you or a senior loved one hoping to age in place.