Though many think of adventuring around the world as an activity for young adults, travel is a great option for seniors looking for excitement and fun. Many older adults have more time, independence, and financial stability  to be able to take vacations that they may not have been able to do earlier in life. Planning and taking a trip, no matter the length or level of extravagance, can be a great way to improve mood and have something to look forward to.

When planning travel with senior family members there are a number of things to consider. A good place to start is their reasons for traveling. Maybe they want to visit family living far away, spend quality time making memories with their family or friends, revisit the place they grew up, travel to the country where their ancestors lived, or check somewhere new off their bucket list. Make sure to think about their physical and mental capabilities, health, activity level, and finances when looking at travel options, durations, and excursions.

There are many ways to travel well as a senior, and there are a number of companies who put on senior specific travel groups and trips. ElderTreks and Senior Cycling are just two examples of travel companies who cater exclusively to older adults, though many other general travel companies like EF offer options for seniors as well. Going with a senior travel group is a great option for solo travelers who enjoy meeting new people and those who want to leave the planning and details to someone else.

There’s a reason that seniors going on cruises is a common stereotype. Traveling by cruise ship is a convenient and accessible way for older adults to take a vacation. There are cruises that go all over the world to as many or as few destinations over whatever length of time you’d like. Once you get on the ship, your travel, accommodations, and activities both on and off the boat are all handled for you. There are often specific cruises or activities onboard which are aimed more toward seniors. This is also a great option for multi-generational travel where everyone can be together on vacation, but in a way that has options for various ages and interests.

Many hotels, excursions, museums, and travel services offer a senior discount. Even if it is not listed, it doesn’t hurt to check before you go. Make sure to bring along an ID or other document for proof of age.

When getting down to the specifics of your vacation planning, it may be a good investment to work with a travel planner. They should have extensive knowledge of how best to fit in your needs and preferences when traveling as a senior.

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