Watching as our aging loved ones begin to struggle with day-to-day tasks can be difficult. However, it is essential to understand that this is a natural part of life. It is perfectly normal to seek professional help with taking care of senior family members. A few signs that it is time to consider hiring a Geriatric Care Manager are:

Declining Health

As our loved ones get older, health complications become more and more likely. It can be very stressful to ensure they get adequate exercise, take their medication, and enjoy proper nutrition. However, these things have a substantial impact on their overall quality of life.

A good Geriatric Care Manager can handle this for you by performing a medication review and providing a medication schedule, as well as evaluating your loved one’s nutrition, sleep, lifestyle, and quality of life. Furthermore, Care Managers can recommend and evaluate in-home caregivers, so you know that your elderly family member has a good quality of life.

Memory Loss or Decreased Cognitive Ability

Memory loss and decreased cognitive ability are two of the most significant factors for deciding whether or not it’s safe for your family member to continue living independently. If you are worried about your loved one continuing to living alone, consulting a Care Manager can put your mind at ease.

Our Senior Case Managers at CJ & Associates Care Consulting offer a physical, mental, cognitive, and psychosocial evaluation to determine your geriatric family member’s independence level and safety. Additionally, we perform a home safety and fall prevention assessment, which comes with recommendations to help create a safer environment for your aging loved ones.

Overwhelming medical and financial matters

The medical and financial needs of a person significantly increase with age. If you are overwhelmed by the process of setting up in-home care and want to know your options for your loved one’s medical and financial needs, a professional Geriatric Care Manager can help.

At CJ & Associates Care Consulting, we have a wealth of experience with geriatric care and offer professional recommendations for in-home care and placement options, as well as medical, financial, and legal needs.

Get the Care Management You and Your Loved One Deserve

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